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Some background informations about veggiepaper:

Fruit- and vegetable-papers had been developed for an art project in 1998. The concept was to create some material for an art piece that can be eaten at the end of the exhibit. Wall sized installations of fruit- and veggie-papers had been shown since in selected art galleries.

The production of fruit and vegetable papers is time consuming and can take up to 4 weeks. All papers are individually hand made and not suited for mass productions. There is a wide range of different papyri available. So fare roughly 60 different fruits and vegetables have been used for papyri, numerous individual designs have been made through combining different fruits and vegetables.

Larger sheets are custom made to accommodate individual designs. Selected fruit- and veggiepapers are suited to become fused into glass or acrylics for table tops, lampshades, room divider, etc.. A new product line offers selected veggiepapers in combination with a variety of papers as composite materials. Prices upon request.

Please notice: Veggie-Papers are not a food product.

Prices and purchase informations


Papyrus made of fruits.

Obst- und Gemüse-Papyri

werden ohne Verwendung von Klebstoffen hergestellt und bestehen zu 100 % aus natürlichen Rohstoffen. Alle Papyri sind handgefertigt und kleine, individuell gestaltete Kunstwerke. Kein Papyrus gleicht dem anderen. 

Gemüse- und Fruchtpapyri lassen sich zu Verbundwerkstoffen weiterverarbeiten. Dadurch wird deren fragile Schönheit konserviert und auf Dauer haltbar gemacht. In Verbindung mit Glas, Acryl, und anderen Werkstoffen, können die Papyri weitgehend lichtecht konserviert werden. Diese Verbundwerkstoffe wiederum lassen sich zu Türen, Tischen, Lampen, Raumteilern und vielem mehr weiterverarbeiten. 

Alle Papyri sind ein reines Naturprodukt. Einige Papyri durchlaufen eine deutliche Farbveränderung. Die Anfangs oft kräftigen Farben verwandeln sich im Laufe der Zeit in dezentere Pastelltöne.

If you like to order some papers or you need further informations, please use our contact form under: Contact

General price information:

Most Individual sheets are available for € 14.- /+ shipping.

Strawberry, Black Salsify, Banana are € 25.- /+ shipping.

For larger quantities: prices upon request.

If you like, what you see, just ask for samples.

A surprise sample set with 3 sheets is available for € 30.- /+ € 3,95 within the EU. € 6,95 international.

Allow 3 work days to get ready for shipping.

Veggiepapers already matted and framed:

Wood frame 20 x 30 cm, glass acrylic, veggiepaper 16x 21 cm, matted: € 50.- + shipping

Wood frame 30 x 40 cm, glass acrylic, veggiepaper 16x 21 cm, matted: € 70.- + shipping