Veggiepapers are papers made by 100% of fruits and vegetables. Technically they are no papers but papyrus, since they are not made from pulp but from sliced plant parts. In the production process is no glue added to adhere the slices. By the drying process the individual slices adhere safely to each other. Since the papers are all natural, colors can change. Some fade over time, others change into a different color.

Veggiepapers are like paper but in may ways more delicate. Their biggest enemy is water. As long as they stay dry, they will last a long time. The first veggiepapers we made in 1997 are still around. Each kind of veggiepaper is different and reacts differently. Usually papers made from vegetables are more pliable as fruit papers are.

Aus Werkgruppe eat me! Stare auf Gurke. Druck auf Papyrus aus Gurke.

Veggiepapers can be used for silk screening and other printing techniques. Important is not to get them too wet.

Veggiepapers are 100 % food. Due to the production process we can not guarentee that germs might have contaminated fruits orre vegetables or some spoiling has occured. These processes do not ruin or distroy the papers but might be harmful if eaten. Therefore we do not recommend to eat the papers and do not offer them as food.

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Papyrus aus Kaki

The papers are sold in the size 16 x 21 cm (8 1/2 x 6 inch). Sizes differ quite a bit due to the drying process that makes it difficult to make an exact sheet size.